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  • Latest Version : V22.HIN.1
  • Updated On: 2020-12-03
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Hindi Grammar Notes Added (हिंदी व्याकरण के नोट्स को जोड़ा गया है।)
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com.gktalk.hindigrammar V22.HIN.1 Update on: 2020-12-03
  • Version: V22.HIN.1
  • Updated on: Update on: 2020-12-03
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  • File Type : APK
  • App Size: 4.8 MB
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    • SHA1:219c6dbcb3da880c68e3b39e2379ca6c9da5894e
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  • Title : Hindi Grammar App
  • App UID : com.gktalk.hindigrammar
  • Released On: Feb 12, 2014
  • Score: 3/5

Hindi Grammar app contains important Hindi Grammar Notes and Hindi Vyakaran questions and answers for the exam based.
Hindi Grammar application help you in various government exams like Hindi Teacher 2nd Grade Exam, RPSC Lecturer (Hindi) Exam, CTET, Police Sub Inspector (SI) recruitment etc. Using this app one can learn Hindi Grammar easily. There are various Hindi Vyakarn Quizzes and selected Hindi Grammar Notes to understand the concept. We send Notification with Hindi Grammar content in this app regularly.

Hindi Grammar app Content
1. पर्यायवाची शब्द (Synonyms)
2. विलोम शब्द (Antonyms)
3. अनेकार्थक शब्द (Solitary word)
4. समानोच्चारित शब्द (युग्म-शब्द) (Combination)
5. वाक्य/वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द (One word)
6. स्वर और व्यंजन के प्रकार (Vowels and consonants)
7. तत्सम, तद्भव शब्द
8. संज्ञा (Noun)
9. सर्वनाम (Pronoun)
10. विशेषण (Adjectives)
11. क्रिया (Verb)
12. अव्यय के भेद
13. समास
14. सन्धि
15. उपसर्ग व प्रत्यय (prefix and suffix)
16. लिंग (Gender)
17. वचन (Number)
18. कारक
19. कहावतें एवं मुहावरें (लोकोक्तियाँ)
20. वाक्य में शब्दों का क्रम व वाक्य भेद
21. वर्तनी की शुद्धता
22. वाक्य शुद्धि
23. एकार्थक शब्द (समानार्थक शब्द)
24. राष्ट्रभाषा : राजभाषा, खड़ी बोली व देवनागरी लिपि का सामान्य ज्ञान
25. छंद अलंकार

Features :
❄ Hindi Grammar Notes
❄ Hindi Grammar Quizzes
❄ Comprehensive And Valuable Content
❄ Internet connectivity is not required at all to use this app.
❄ You can share any question and your score of quiz with your friend.
❄ Attractive User Interface
❄ Completely Free